Man crossing the road, and jugling and listening to music at same time.
Man crossing the road, and jugling and listening to music at same time.
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For many of us, the work from home policy is a whole new experience, and a lot more of us have started multitasking while remote working. I am terrible at multitasking and fail at it miserably.

For the longest time, I felt terrible about it. In my opinion, it has more side effects than good ones like loss of time and quality and higher levels of stress.

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Being a perfectionist has always been a controversial topic. Some say that it’s a myth. I’ve met people with a perfectionist approach in my corporate experience, and I was really impressed with their work’s outcomes. But is it really worth it? Let’s dig deep.

Last week, I was reading an article from psychologist “Margaret Rutherford.” She writes:


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In July 2020, WhatsApp’s new policy said:

Initially, people were not that much concerned, especially in India, because everyone now knows that these interconnected platforms do illegitimate things under the table, and that’s ok. We’ve learned to live with it. Interestingly, people in developing countries don’t really care about their private data. “We have nothing to hide,” they say.

But Why Don’t You Care? Terms and Conditions are too long. I can’t read that!

If you are one of those, who don't care to even glance at the “Terms and Conditions” pop-up while installing or updating apps or if your answer is “No, it’s too long to read.” …

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Last week, I watched a Netflix documentary, “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates,” where he explained why and how he takes solo ‘think weeks’ in a cabin in the woods. Tucked away in his private two-story house in the Pacific Northwest, Gates spends the week utterly secluded from civilization– alone with his thoughts. To completely utilize his alone time, he does a lot of reading, a lot of thinking, and a lot of alone time, as he is completely disconnected from family, friends, and peers.

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Zoom Screenshot from our Pre-MDM class showing our best mates :)

About Me

I am a Product Manager and UX Designer(, completing a graduate degree at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC and enrolled in the Pre-MDM Program (Pre-Master of Digital Media) -

About Program

Pre-MDM is designed to enhance ESL students’ communication skills in the field of Digital Media, both for professional and academic purposes.

It offers a selection of practical workshops and lectures with the direct goal of building third-tier language abilities: fluency, coherence and, addressing even more practical skills, teamwork and project management.

Studying remotely in the first semester was like sailing on a CDM boat, fighting the high tides of this novel virus, and learning from new experiences every day, rising and thriving through this pandemic. Surely, there were millions of new things that we mastered, and I am sharing the best ones. …

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In India, if you ask any student this simple question, “How are your studies going on?” regardless of his background, you can find words like pressure and anxiety in their honest replies.

Every day! Yes, you read it right. Is it because of parental pressure, academic pressure, caste pressure, or understanding failure? …

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Do you know what the annual revenue of Amazon is?

Surely, it’s an extremely profitable organization and the third most valuable corporation on the planet after Apple and Microsoft. CEO Jeff Bezos is continuing to invest heavily in artificial intelligence, the smart home, and physical retail as well.

To be honest, I am a loyal customer and die-hard fan of Amazon, and I am pretty sure that you must be as well because 44% of all online sales happen on Amazon only. …

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In today’s turbo tech world, staying ahead in the design race can be quite challenging. While UI/UX is progressing, everyone now aims to simplify digital designing using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). Without a doubt, it’s the next big thing.

While working on big projects, each game designer can fall into many pitfalls while going through the process; being structured and able to extract meaningful conclusions can really help the last mile.

So, if you are designing or thinking of designing an AR Game soon, I am sure you’ll get all the required help from this article.

Step 1: Framing the Idea

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If you watch international news regularly, you must have heard about huge Indian farmers’ agitation. They are demanding to take back the “new farm laws” that prevent the state governments from collecting a market fee, cess or levy for trade outside the APMC markets.

After reading many articles and watching hundreds of interviews, I tried to summarize the issues and compared them with existing/ old laws:

Law 1: Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020

First issue: No Judiciary involved in the “Contract Farming”.

Existing Law: Indian farmers produce tomatoes for big ketchup companies (e.g. Heinz, Del Monte). They sign contracts with all legalities, making them eligible to file a case in court if these corporates do not abide by the contract conditions. …

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2020 was a real roller coaster and adventurous year for all of us, sparing no one. To me, it felt like a “layover from our direct non-stop flights of life” when we stopped caring about the most valuable things for our lives — the environment, mental health and most importantly, our families.

I never imagined that I’d ever come back to my hometown and spend time with my lovely mother. 10 years back, I left for my undergrad college, and it seems like a long time ago. Then, I stepped into the swamps of never-ending professional life.

Isn’t that a shame that we are always busy for ourselves and never had a convincing answer if someone asks: “where are you busy nowadays”? At least, I never have one of which I can be proud of. What’s your answer? …


Simranjot Singh

An engineer by peer pressure, corporate professional by parent’s expectations & product designer by passion. I tell stories with a tinch of intellectualness.

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