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To maintain their monopoly, Microsoft intentionally sold the pirated copies of their Office products to create user habits when Apple came to the market in the 1980s.

Was it ethical?

I can’t really comment on that because I can see a hell of a lot of monopolies around me in today's digital world! My point is that this issue has not gone away. Last year, after repeated calls to do so, Mark Zuckerberg decided that he will testify before Congress. It was a hot topic on news channels and social media platforms.

It was 2 AM in India, and I especially woke up in the middle of night and watched it live because I considered him my role model.

I was such a big fan that I watched his biographical drama movie “Social Network” about 50 times. Unfortunately, his answers about data privacy and their involvement in elections worldwide were not that persuasive, which broke my trust. It’s not just about Facebook as you might recognize these kinds of discussions from the recent debates over platforms such as Google and Amazon as well.

Photo by Mohammad Rezaie on Unsplash

The tech giant removed the Indian payments app from Google’s Play Store on 18 Sept for violating developer guidelines on real-money gaming.

When I dug down deep into the topic, I realized that just because Google owns the gate and the gateway to the digital ecosystem, they should not act arbitrarily and enforce rules and regulations contrary to Indian laws. Google should not exercise its dominant position and should rather allow a fair and equal chance of succeeding for everyone.

Come Hell Or High Water

To rebel against this decision, the Indian company went against the big player and created a competition. I think this theory works in our daily lives as well. I remember this dialogue from a famous Bollywood Hindi movie “Marry Kom,” where she said :

An engineer by peer pressure, corporate professional by parent’s expectations & product designer by passion. I tell stories with a tinch of intellectualness.

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