How Can You Remember Everything, That You Just Read?

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″I would literally take boxes out to a beach place and sit there for a week reading them day and night and scribbling on them to putting it entirely online,” — Gates said in a 2008 video of Microsoft’s CEO Summit.

So, why he moves away from everyone?

Well, the answer is quite straightforward — “People forget what they read. Hence, everyone needs an unabridged concentration.” What advantage would it have if you don’t elevate your life? You can read 52 books a year without changing at all.

Lost Between Words

If you are a bibliophile, you would agree that if someone is not an avid reader, they can easily get lost in the middle of a long article. Losing concentration doesn’t only arouse a very negative feeling of self-doubt but causes anxiety as well. Now, neither that reader can go back to the start nor finish reading the whole article. The latter decision won’t even make sense since he lost the main context written in that article's middle.

Solution? “The Feynman Technique”

I was really impressed by this reading model, used for teaching and communication to remember what we just read. It says:

  • How to jot down the gist of an article and use that knowledge for the future?

Basically, How Can You Remember What You Read?

With my own learning experiences, I came up with four basic questions that you need to focus on while reading any article (for which you don’t even know the basics). Below are those 4 golden questions:

  1. What are the locations mentioned?
  2. Who are the main members of it?
  3. What’s the writer’s opinion about the paragraph/ article. (Usually, it’s either at the starting or the end of it.)

Let's understand it with an example.

I picked a news article from an Indian news channel, “Hindustan Times.”


At least four dead after Trump supporters ransack US Capitol.”


Now, if we break this paragraph into our four golden questions, what answers do we get?

  • What event is happening in this article?
    Ans: Certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.
  • What is the location where the article is being referred to?
    Ans: US Capitol.
  • Who are the critical members mentioned?
    Ans: Supporters of President Donald Trump, lawmakers and President-elect Joe Biden.
  • What’s the writer’s opinion about the article. It will be either at starting or at the end.
    Ans: Supporters overpowered security personnel.

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