Is AI Stupid?

Simranjot Singh
3 min readAug 24, 2023
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In the realm of technological advancement, few goals are as captivating and elusive as achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Unlike narrow AI systems that excel in specific tasks, AGI aims to possess the intellectual versatility and problem-solving capabilities comparable to the human mind. The pursuit of AGI has sparked intense excitement and debate within the scientific community, industry leaders, and the public at large. As we venture into this fascinating journey, it becomes crucial to ponder: What’s missing on the path to AGI?

The Current Landscape

Today’s AI landscape showcases impressive feats. Machine learning algorithms have mastered complex games, aided in medical diagnoses, and facilitated efficient language translation. However, these accomplishments are mere glimpses of AGI’s potential. True AGI would possess the ability to not only excel in diverse domains but also adapt and learn seamlessly across them.

The Missing Ingredients

  1. Common Sense Reasoning: Human intelligence rests upon a foundation of common sense understanding. AGI must possess the ability to infer relationships, predict outcomes, and comprehend nuances that go beyond explicitly available information. Developing models that can intuitively grasp everyday situations remains a significant hurdle.
  2. Contextual Understanding: Humans effortlessly understand context and apply knowledge from one domain to another. AGI should be able to understand conversations, stories, and situations in a holistic manner, without getting lost in semantics.
  3. Autonomous Learning: AGI should be capable of continuous self-improvement. Like humans, it should learn from new experiences and adapt its behaviour accordingly, thus avoiding the limitations of pre-defined algorithms and fixed data sets.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: A vital aspect of human cognition is emotional intelligence — understanding and expressing emotions. Integrating emotional understanding into AGI is essential for effective human-machine interactions and for the AGI system to develop ethical and empathetic decision-making skills.
  5. Creativity and Imagination: Creativity involves the ability to generate novel ideas and solutions. While AI can generate content, true…



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