Is Perfectionism in this Digital Age a Mental Disorder?

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Perfectionism comes in different flavours. There’s a “constructive perfectionism,” where we focus on the process of improvement and find energy in our progress. And there’s also a “destructive perfectionism,” where we end up fixating on achieving perfection or becoming perfect in the eyes of others.

She further adds that this brand of perfectionism can send us down a dark path. The first step is to determine if your brand of perfectionism is problematic, and then you can commit to a plan to change, considering potential stumbles along the way.

Perfectionism for Middle-Class People Takes Huge Mental Toll!

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

“If you find that you suffer from destructive perfectionism, how does it show up for you?”

Perfectionism, to me, is a test of accountability and self-awareness for work. There needs to be a balance and a mindset that helps with self-reflection when planning and executing excellence.

“Striving For Best” is Just a Fallacy

We can strive to be the best son, the best coder, or the best writer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe — striving for greatness should be applauded instead of criticized.

Chill, and Love Your Imperfections :)

The failures you have been through are like scars that you wear on your body. They are signs of a battle you fought. Even if you lost, the scars were left behind as a reminder of who you were and who you can be.

An engineer by peer pressure, corporate professional by parent’s expectations & product designer by passion. I tell stories with a tinch of intellectualness.

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