Nano Influencers- What’s their deal?

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Who really are Nano Influencers?

Do you know ‘Ankit Mahajan’? No? He’s a famous influencer on Instagram. Let me tell you a secret; I also don’t. But my best friend Karan knows because he’s his neighbour.

Let’s try someone else. Have you ever heard about Kim Kardashian? Ahaa, that smile. I bet you do because if you are a social media user, she’s everywhere. Literally everywhere.

So why don’t you know Ankit as he’s also popular on Instagram? Because he’s from India and has a limited fan base, around 1000 that too in his own community — known as a Nano influencer. Both ‘Ankit Mahajan’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ marketize beauty products, and as a matter of fact, Ankit’s conversion rate is more than Kim’s. Did you just ask how? Let’s dig deep.

Nano Influencers are Authentic.

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Ankit has an insane engagement with his core audiences, friends and family — a genuine fan base that helps him interact with everyone in a personalized way. In marketing terms, it’s known as ‘real vs fake interaction.’ Hence, genuine and organic followers help spread the word of mouth marketing for him but in a digital manner. Long story short, if Ankit says that the product is good, it has to be good, and I should try it.

So, why do brand owners approach Nano influencers having only 1000 followers? Well, the icing on the cake is that brands don’t have to pay anything to Ankit (in other words, he doesn’t demand it) and, on the other hand, he loves to be associated with big brands, be recognized on social media and have a lifelong business relationship. As a result, he doesn’t charge any money from clients — a win-win situation for everyone.

Nano Influencers vs Mega Influencers?

Do you know what’s the most essential page is on any e-commerce website? The “Testimonials.” Without that, there’s no human connection and trust. Hence, in my opinion, from a follower’s perspective, the no. of followers doesn’t matter much when you have to influence anyone to buy any product, and it’s the significant difference between Nano and Mega influencers.

Xenia Adonts comes in 1st place with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. As per the Launch Metrics website, she generated $1,243,437 in MIV during the SS19 schedule alone. On the other hand, my friend Ankit (with 1000 fans) just got four free perfumes and two wristwatches during that period. Poor guy, eh? Did you also feel the discrepancy? Well, it’s not exactly how it looks. In today’s fast-paced social media environment, Nano influencers have an upper edge. Of course, we cannot compare apples to oranges, but as a matter of fact, mega influencers have high opinions of themselves and are harder to work with.

Why you should choose Nano Influencers over Mega?

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On the other hand, Nano influencers are like mini KitKat, small but really good. This segment of influencers can control their followers’ responses in a personalized way and are better positioned to reply to every comment, building a personal and genuine relationship. They swear by the product and mean it, promising a long time and meaningful relationship with the brand owners, creating fruitful relations. Hence, rather than investing all money in one Mega influencer and not being sure about the result, founders infuse budget into multiple Nano influencers with various thousand followers.

An engineer by peer pressure, corporate professional by parent’s expectations & product designer by passion. I tell stories with a tinch of intellectualness.

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